Type In Your Hand
Marcin Wichary

Excellent, Marcin Wichary, just excellent. I would point you to →

  1. American Printing History Association In California, you’re lucky, you have two chapters, southern and northern.
  2. The Book Club of California
  3. The Bibliographical Society of America
  4. The Ephemera Society of America
  5. The Grolier Club

The book arts, typography, print culture, etc. of yesterday and today and the digital tomorrow need to start holding hands more. Yesterday needs today to be remembered, preserved, and protected. Today needs yesterday to learn from, modify, seek inspiration, and reinvent new tech. Digital tomorrow will still be like playing handheld Coleco soccer if it can’t pull the threads from these two and do a better job being as artifactual and immersive or coming up with a hybrid. IMHO. Just an IMHO. Could be wrong. Could be right.