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Recently I watched Greg Goffried’s latest video on “How Long Does It Take To Make Money Selling Tshirts Online?” and wanted to expand on the tips mentioned. When I first got into Print On Demand, I learned a lot from his videos on how to approach selling T-shirts online. Now I’ve been in the game long enough myself I can speak from experience on how to best execute on his advice.

Feel free to go watch the video as he’s really good at explaining the practical side of making passive income.

Overall you can summarise the main pieces of advice into 7 guidelines for success. …

I would probably say print on demand has been a thing i.e. popular in the mainstream world of side hustles for around 4 years. We have RedBubble, Teepublic, Etsy, Shopify Stores with Printful Integration, Teespring, Merch On Amazon and more platforms that let you upload designs which are printed onto merchandise without you having to hold inventory.

I’ve sat through endless videos of gurus giving advice on how to make sales and have made some money myself along the way. My Print On Demand journey started approximately in July, 2019 and I’ve only made £500. I’m actually not bitter about it at all because I have a full time job and have been experimenting with other side projects along the way. …

I’ve created a notebook that will allow RedBubble artists to do basic analysis on the sales data from their RedBubble page(s).

RedBubble is a print-on-demand service that does all the hard work for you in return for you hosting your designs on their website and accepting a tiny commission on each sale. They do the printing and the marketing for you freeing up your time to focus on making good designs and helping people find them.

RedBubble help their creatives track their progress by providing a Dashboard of how people are visiting their pages. …


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Experimenting with Python and Social Media APIs using web scraping, exploratory data analysis and amateur coding.

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