Why Having a Mission Comes First

Many of us naturally have a fear of failure. We are worried about making a fool of ourselves and crashing miserably. But what about the more common kind of failure which consists of simply not succeeding? What then? This is much more subtle. It’s a slow denial of things hoped for, not an out-and-out wreck of an Icarus with melted wings.

Comedian, actor, moviemaker, and all-around talent Steve Martin wrote in Born Standing Up about a moment in his journey when it wasn’t clear whether he’d ever break through into entertainment success. …

5 Insights Into Sustained Success

When my friend called to say he had a free concert ticket I told him I wasn’t interested. Believe it or not, I had not yet heard of Bon Jovi, but I knew enough about my friend’s musical tastes to steer clear.

“No,” he responded, “you’ll like this band. They’re exactly your kind of rock. They’re really good.” So I went to Cobo Hall in Detroit that night and witnessed a young Jon Bon Jovi flying above the crowd, singing with Richie Sambora, and otherwise “seeing a million faces, and rocking them all.”

The next…

The picador raised 1955 oil/canvas. Musee Picasso, Paris, France

On a recent stay in Spain I toured a bullfighting arena. Outside of enduring Hemingway’s fascination for the sport while reading some of his books (The Sun Also Rises is the biggest culprit), I hadn’t ever really given it much thought, truth be told. What I learned had the same strange effect on me as being forbidden from looking directly into the sun; while it’s obvious that doing so is bad, it just can’t be helped (as most of us can attest, and as Manfred Mann’s Earth Band so famously sang). For me, learning about bullfighting was the same way…

I had just boarded an airplane when “that guy” entered, you know the one; he who conducts business calls on his cell phone as if he’s in a room by himself. It seems every flight has someone who feels duty-bound to do this, his time being so much more valuable than that of the rest of us losers, who have nothing more important to do than sit there quietly awaiting takeoff.

Also, is there some kind of rule that states said perpetrator must fill his talk with corporate buzzwords and phrases?

Does it make him feel important? Smart?

Such terminology!

People all have hobbies and interests, however peculiar. I once met a guy who had hundreds of aquariums throughout his house, each room stacked from floor to ceiling with fish tanks. Another I met in my sales career had Native American symbology everywhere in her house, because she was “part Indian” herself (1/512th, if I remember correctly). Then there was the couple who sold strip-club wear at trade shows around the country (you can’t make this stuff up). And don’t get me started on the fanaticism of NASCAR fans!

Also, most people have causes they attach themselves to:

Save the…

The Root of the Problem

I have no idea why, or what compelled us to do so, but it appears that 27 years ago Terri and I invented the selfie. Things were different in those days. To begin with, we had to use a camera that had film (you can look it up in a museum if you’re unfamiliar or haven’t been exposed to it before). This meant that we couldn’t get a look at our picture until weeks later once said film had been developed (that’s a process by which you hand over your little canister to an attendant…

  1. Always be moving — you must have endurance, be prepared for the long haul, but also be able to burst and sprint when needed.
  2. Passing — when a task comes to you, do your thing and then pass it along to where it needs to go next. If you can do it with one touch, do so.
  3. Dribble only when necessary — Don’t keep the ball (spotlight, task, etc.) too long, but only when it’s the best option to move your team into a position to score. It’s way better to involve the whole team in moving forward together.
  4. Field…

10 Reasons My Tesla Ownership Experience Predicts the Future

I bought a Tesla Model S P90D back in September of 2015. It is, hands down, one of the top three products of any kind I’ve owned in my life (I’ll write about the others another time). The enormous, intuitive, super functional touch screen is probably my favorite feature. It fully shames any other manufacturer’s idea of a driver interface, rendering them all clunky and poorly conceived by comparison. In particular, the huge map that works just like those on smart phones (pinch to zoom out, spread to zoom in, etc.)…

Witticisms, Criticisms, and Skepticisms

I wonder how many of my three readers have heard the worn out, oft-repeated starfish story? If you are among the rare minority who hasn’t, it goes something like this:

A person walking along the beach notices a do-gooder throwing starfish into the sea. When asked why this is being done, the do-gooder responds that the starfish have been washed up on the tide and will die if not gotten quickly back into the water. “But there are thousands of starfish on this beach, you can’t possibly hope to make a difference!” says the inquirer, to…

Early Losses

My drama career lasted exactly one day. One practice, in fact. I was in 5th grade and somebody (Mom, you know who you are) convinced me that I would like participating in the school play. So there we were after school, all of the usual suspects plus that one weird kid who always had super bad breath. And that girl with the filthy stuffed dog. Some teacher was up in front of us telling us how the play this year was going to be something called Thumbelina. Never heard of it, I thought, but as long as there…

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