Politics and News Week In Review: March 14-March 20

Let’s get to it. These are the very best articles I read last week pulled from a variety of perspectives and sources. It’s not every single thing that was written on the internet (I don’t have time for that), but it’s a nice, balanced summary of everything that transpired.

Rashaad Holmes Politics posed an interesting question: Is the Presidency a waste of Donald Trump’s time? [Read More]

Donald Trump is taking a stand against the biased media via Fortune. [Read More]

Rashaad Holmes Politics examines Hillary Clinton’s many sexual conquests with other presidents. [Read More]

And some social commentary from Twitter’s thought leaders:

Rashaad Holmes is an independent political blogger and thought leader. His thoughts are unadulterated by the agendas of mainstream media and he refuses to bow down to The Man by compromising his own journalistic standards. But if you would like to hire him or reach him he can be reached at RashHoPolitics@gmail.com.

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