But it did mean that I had to be ok with pissing people off sometimes, to confront tough decisions and strong-willed people, and to keep my focus on my customers knowing that many other people will think I’m wrong.
The Downside of Being Nice
Jake Fuentes

Like the new team in the White House?

Many years ago to earn easy elective credits I took one semester of psychology. It was more an appreciation of psychology rather than a teaching course but one exercise in perception stayed with me. Think about someone you know and seriously dislike. Try to list 5 bad and 5 good things about them. Which list was harder? How long did it take? Now do the same thing about someone you like. How did it go? So first of all our emotions and perceptions strongly influence our cognitive ability and secondly even someone you dislike has positive qualities. On a deeper level, I bet if you examine the two lists they will say more about you and your own values and vested interests than anything purely objective about that person. Finally, there are probably people who do like the person whom you don’t and vice versa.

What all this says is that being liked is simply a function of having interests in alignment. Its relationship with being effective is simply as a measure of the extent and degree of the alignment.