It is no secret that in current markets, security firms in the industry are contending with massive waitlists and backlogs for blockchain security services, from code reviews to incidence response planning.

As a means to combat that and to ensure prioritization of projects that will have a lasting factor beyond the average lifespan of a DeFi project (~3 weeks) as well as provide some sort of incrementation in growth to the industry, Arcadia is instituting a prioritized waitlist to help alleviate wait times.

This waitlist will be based on specific factors such as (but not limited to):

  • Project Innovation
  • Project…

Kamish Rehmatulla, alongside Rasikh Morani & Ivan Nava, co-founded Arcadia in November 2017. Kamish Rehmatulla acted as Arcadia CEO throughout the operations of Arcadia from November 2017 to July 2020, and has announced his exit from Arcadia

Arcadia started as a marketing services operation in June of 2017, During Kamish Rehmatulla’s leadership, Arcadia transitioned into a software development operation in early 2018, servicing primarily utility tokens developing peripheral assets.

Under Kamish’s leadership, Arcadia moved to a significantly deeper operation, focusing on more technical aspects of blockchain development inducing working with privacy protocols, network architecture, and scaling solutions. …

Here at Arcadia, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of Pocket Network and the movement of simplified network communications. Arcadia is also big on the ways security in our industry can adapt and grow to prevent loss of user assets and value.

One of the intersections of such these two loves of ours is in the arena of exchange security through Pocket. In the progression of our business operations over the years, Arcadia has had the pleasure of working alongside our clients during the listing process. We’ve also had the pleasure of developing a small number of cryptocurrency exchanges…

Phitbone Home Page (Captured 5.21.2020)

The usage of phone numbers as a medium of verification for anti-spam and identify purposes on websites throughout the web is a growing trend with unsettling consequences in the arena of individual user privacy.

With this unsettling trend, there has been a counter trend of verification-as-a-service providers who provide temporary phone numbers for verification. …

As promised in our previous article covering our last contribution to the Zcoin community, we have returned with another Implementation Analysis! This implementation analysis is particularly special, as it’s the first one funded solely by the Zcoin Community Funding Tool, the “ZCS”, a tool that allows for community members to fund projects of interest for the Zcoin Community.

Arcadia recently completed integrating ZCS Proposal #7, “Integrating Coin Control Functionality into the Zcoin Rich Client”

The Zcoin Rich Client, is a more user-friendly implementation of the traditional Zcoin Wallet, with the same security spec.

This was an interesting first project on…

We at Arcadia have been active and developing in the blockchain space for a few years and have had the pleasure of working with a wide array of different blockchain projects from decentralized video-sharing platforms to in-game cryptocurrencies. However, none of the projects we have been involved with have been quite like Zcoin, Zcoin is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency using a privacy protocol without a trusted setup, called Sigma. They are notable for having some of the most dedicated and brightest minds in the crypto and privacy space.

Arcadia has recently completed working with Zcoin on integrating BIP47 into their QT…

One of the main issues with integrating blockchain technology into essential infrastructure is the complexity of adapting and building on legacy systems without experiencing extended downtime, facing logistical and legislative challenges, and eventual stagnation of software that was intentionally built with continuous improvement in mind.

Augury Square intends to solve this problem by building out its entire 30-acre development with blockchain technology at the roots and continuous improvement and integration as part of the founding philosophy.

Some of the functions that Augury has in mind for their development include, an incubation hub for blockchain projects that are looking to be…

Modern block explorers in crypto are a mixing pot of different implementations and flavors of similar codebases, with the vast majority of active explorers in the space being traceable to 4 major families of codebases

So far industry-wise, these explorer codebases have been pretty static in their core architecture and usually have only had light modification in most cases (barring some outlier closed source examples). These codebases also have very similar architectures and in some cases share code for large swathes of functionality.

Most implementations of block explorers have shared…

Arcadia is pleased to announce the successful completion of our engagement with the DAPS Project.

While working with DAPS, we have accomplished a great deal including:

  • Bringing Proof of Audit (POA) to life from the initial side-chain concept to the real working hybrid chain implementation. Proof of Audit is a decentralized canary system for identifying inflation attacks on-chain.
  • Implementation of Stealth Addresses upon a PIVX codebase
  • Implementation of a custom Ring Signature and Bulletproof setup
  • Implementation of a CPU-based POA Miner built atop a Scrypt CPUMiner
  • Successful Implementation of a fairer SeeSaw rewards system
  • Successful Implementation of a private Beta…

Blockchain is a fun industry, here are some common mistakes that startups, specifical cryptocurrencies, make in the space.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology are definitely some of the most exciting innovations in the past 10 years. Most noticeably in the past 5 years, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have made a huge splash in the financial technology and enterprise space. With more 11.7 billion expected to be spent on blockchain technology by 2022, it is important to remember core business principals and work to identify common key missteps among blockchain businesses and work to mitigate them in the industry.

I’ve had the great pleasure of seeing projects through many points of their life cycles within the blockchain space, through the…

Rasikh Morani

CTO at The Arcadia Group

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