NHome — The Hub Free Smarthome app

It is finally here, after a year of hard work and limitless revisions by our team that proved to be necesary to bring this app as close as perfection as we can, the NHome app is here.

NHome, a hub free smart home and IoT system is a different and a better way to take controll over your home. 
Instead of using a separate app for each and every one of your smart devices, you get to use just one, and we spared you the hard installing part you’re normally facing, our app just scans the network your server is on and automatically adds every device on it, and allows them their true features and possibilities. 
Mutually connect every app to make your home a little peace of heaven. Scene your pre-set scenes and ambients, Schedule the scenes and devices, and off course trigger them inbetween. 
You also get a remote, which can recognise almost every device in the IR area. And let’s not forget that we have widgets on our smartphones, a very usefull thing when in a cold night, you find yourself searching for the app and then clicking Unlock, now, you can access every device’s controll, directly from your homescreen. 
And if you don’t want anyone unallowed to “unlock” your doors, NHome app delivers you a superior security module, which allows to add as many cameras as you wish, and to record with them on many triggers, say Motion,it Integrates with ANY alarm system, and always gets you notifications when something you didn’t expect happens.

Get NHome and try it, we promise, it will be worth the three clicks necessary.


If you find it either usefull, awesome, or nice, feel absolutely free to spread the word, and make sure to mention @NHomeApp whereever you can (It’s twitter), and you’ll be helping build something extraordinary.