While I don’t know your individual circumstances, RastaPasta, my observation is that most folks who…
Jin Feng

I think you are mixed up. You don’t have to live in a dirt hole in the ground to live lightly on the earth. If you think beating clothes on a rock in a river is more environmentally friendly than a water efficient washing machine, I’m going to guess you don’t know much about doing the laundry for a family of 4.

My point has always been to spend your money wisely, make smart choices about what products you buy, and make decisions based on how they affect the planet, mostly with regard to eliminating as much waste in your life as possible. The number one way to do this is to always vote out Republicans in every election every time.

32 years ago, I planted trees, and I don’t need an air conditioner because I have SHADE from that tree planted so long ago. And it produced good shade after a mere 10 yrs. I realize not everyone can do that. Just saying what I was able to do.

What is really important is to create our electric needs from renewable and sustainable sources like wind and solar. This can be done by voting out all republicans every chance you get. Republicans put their love of money and power over the best interests of the American people and planet earth EVERY time. They are deplorable. Vote them out. Every Time.

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