Are biases problem?

Who doesn’t have any biases at all?

I have heard a few times the word “biases” in the last a couple of weeks. I cannot say “biases” are bad or good, but we all have some biases and it may influence our decision making.

User testing for competitors’ websites or mobile apps, the first experience always creates your threshold. You control the second, third sites based on the first website and experiences would be different for the fourth website. When you are at a wine tasting event, the first tasting will dominate the rest of your tasting experience unless you are a sommelier.

Software or application testing should carefully hold the experience level of subjects. So as with normal research conditions the more subjects we test, the better or more trusted results we would obtain.

I have just finished reading this book — Predictably Irrational, The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions
 You will enjoy this book if you are interested in human behaviors.

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