Wireframe document before the mockup screens

We were planning to update a function on which we have been working and is soon to be released. The update was adding a function to the existing ones. I thought this was a minor update. I stated directly that we were changing the previous designs without wireframe documentation. When I went through the first meeting with others, I realized that quite a number of details were missing. Also it’s dangerous that we had an oral agreement, based on our knowledge and experiences with our products. I immediately felt that I needed a document to note all the details; otherwise I would be in a trouble later. I realized that my attention went to different aspects between designing and creating a document. High fidelity mockups is attractive, however it may miss small but critical things.

A beautiful rose has its thorn. — a beautiful interface might contain hidden usability problems.

(By Digital Design in 100 Words)


Originally published at www.rasterfield.com on May 20, 2015.

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