Fitness display: are we turning into animals?

One day, I woke up to a fact that I always hate, late and fat. I realized that fat was all over my body when I was still actually 52 kilos. So I started to do gym again, and this time I am eager not only to get flat stomach but also to get rid of flat butts.

I managed to stay in the gym for 2 hour long. running, sit-ups, and squatting. the result? 5 days of being tortured by all body organs. just to move, I had to experience 10 seconds of hurt! I just then kept telling myself that beauty demands sacrifice.

Another day, I talked to a friend of mine about if we could swap our body type with anyone, who would it be? we debated, we argued, until we can’t handle but take a break. At that one point, I questioned why we questioned this question? Do we really hate our body so much? if so, why ?

As I wonder, I always found something wrong with my body, at any particular place with any particular indicator. I want to be tall, but I don’t want my body is way longer that it wouldn’t make a proper look. I crave to lose fats on my tummy, yet I crave to have fats on my booty. I just think that that way is just right. If I hate my body for this, is right wrong?

A friend of mine once said that it’s all for the future. With a great body, there comes a great significant other. I could not help but agree, but are we hating our body just for a gaze of the dreamy significant other. I then remember one time at my reading class. We read a reader about some birds and any other animal who, when it comes to mating season, they put out a show. They display their fitness to attract their mates. It was just so natural, I thought. If we really want a certain body image that we work hard, we pay gym bills, and else, are we unconsciously turning into an animal? or do we just love to put out a show?

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