Nintendo Re-joining Virtual Reality

“GAMING NEWS”… so word is Nintendo is getting back into Virtual Reality. And its new system the Nintendo Switch is gonna to have a vr function. I feel its about time for them to get back into vr cause I know am not the only one to remember their Nintendo virtual boy back in the day. at the time its was cool at crap I never got one but always wanted one. and Nintendo to me is very good when comes to their motion sensor technology. Starting with the their “Wii to their new system the Switch”. They was the forefront of gaming accessories for as long as I can remember. like back on February 18, 1984 their light gun which the first of its kind letting the gamers shoot at the TV which made the user feel like their was really a gunslinger or a hunter AKA” Duck Hunt”. even though its wasn't very accurate it still was very fun to use when it worked hearing their gonna try virtual reality again is making wondering if I should pick up a Switch myself. am looking forward for more updates on this.. what are ya take on this let me know in the comments …
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