Food and Ag Science Will Shape Our Future
Tom Vilsack

Please could you explain to me why Hugo Liebel of Florida is still abusing and humiliating the African elephant called Nosey (aka Tiny)? I am seriously having problems understanding why a man who has been convicted — not just charged charged — convicted, of nearly 200 incidents of animal abuse and neglect against this elephant, has not had his licence revoked and the elephant allowed to retire to a sanctuary? She is arthritic, has an eye infection and a skin infection — all of which have not been treated. She is beaten with a bull hook, electrocuted, and she is chained so tight she can’t move. I am appalled by this lack of action on your part, and it seems to me to be a massive failure to do what you have been trusted to do. That is to ensure the care of this animal. There are also a pair of non-human primates, spider monkeys, who are also being abused and neglected. Please do your job and remove these animals to safety before it’s too late.

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