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Deflategate costs $20 million in legal bill so far

The NFL, the NFL Player’s Association and the Patriots have collectively spent over $20 million on legal bills for Deflategate. The NFL itself has been the biggest spender, spending $12.5 million. The legal costs are expected to increase as the parties are headed back to court again soon.

Tiger Woods plays golf with son to prepare for return

Tiger Woods had major back surgery back in September. After months of rehab, he’s ready to begin practicing again. He is currently playing golf against his seven-year-old to prepare for his return.

MLB disciplines player over domestic violence for the first time

The Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman has been suspended for 30 games after he allegedly choked his girlfriend and fired his gun into his garage. This is the first time the league has acted to suspend a player because of domestic violence. The 30-game suspension will cost Chapman around $2 million.

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