RIP Democratic Party
Yvonne C. Claes

I think you better check your facts on this. The Nevada convention didn’t change the rules. They voted to uphold rules in place, rather than changing them to favor Sanders. Basically, this huge squabble was over 2 delegates. Two. That Hillary had initially won by winning the state in February. I’m so tired of hearing all these conspiracy theories. Here’s the thing: It’s the DEMOCRATIC primary, in which DEMOCRATS select the person they would like to have represent them in the general election. The DAY Sanders wanted to use the Democratic party for his own political gain is the day he should have learned the rules and conveyed those rules to his supporters. It’s not the DNC. It’s the Sanders Campaign that has utterly failed its supporters. The rules didn’t change for this election. They’ve always been in place. The rules vary state to state. LEARN YOUR SHIT if you’re going to play the game.

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