Your eloquence and class shine through your lovely response.
Yvonne C. Claes

Patronizing someone is never an effective means of getting them to see your side. I find it interesting that you chose to focus on my one use of profanity rather than the points I brought up. You’re right. I let my emotions get the better of me. Much like the Sanders supporters who are calling the Nevada Democratic Chair with death threats, right? I’m no better than those who are threatening her family, I’m sure.

Death threats because they didn’t get to change the rules so that they could invalidate the will of the Nevada people who voted for Hillary. She won the caucuses in February, remember? Oh, yes… it was close… But she now has the delegates that were originally expected to go to her… by the will of the people… because, and let me emphasize this… she WON.

All this over two delegates. It’s a shame, really. I do know a lot of Sanders supporters, and a lot of Hillary supporters. We are all good people who truly want what’s best for America… for the future… for ourselves and those we love, and for those who are less fortunate. We may see things with slightly different perspectives, but we are not so very different at the core.

Death threats. We are better than that. C’mon.

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