Study: The Number Of Islamists In Sweden Has Increased Tenfold

A new report by the Swedish Defence University has found that the number of Salafist Islamists in Sweden has increased tenfold over the past decade and how that has contributed to recruitment to Islamist groups such as ISIS and terrorist attacks such as the 2010 and 2017 Stockholm attacks.

(PHOTO: AP / Anders Wiklund)

The report, which follows a number of known Islamists across the country, has revealed how Salafist movements across the country have spread their ideology through mosques, social media, and more.

Salafism is a radical version of Islam advocating a return to the traditions of the first generations after prophet Muhammad’s death — in other words, what they call the original Islam advocated by the prophet.

One of the Islamists described is Fuad Mohammed Qalaf (also known as Fouad Shangole), an Imam who arrived in the country in 1992 and lived in the controversial suburb of Rinkeby, which has been described as an “especially vulnerable area” by Swedish police.

“Shangole preached as an Imam in Rinkeby mosque for 12 years and was relatively open with his extremist perspective and sympathy for al-Qaida,” the Swedish Defence University writes. He worked in the mosque “until 2004 when he moved back to Somalia to participate in leading al-Shaabab,” an Islamist militant group aligned to al-Qaida.

Another area is the suburb of Järva, where “most of the people who have traveled to join IS (Islamic State) or other al-Qaida-related jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq traveled mainly in 2013 and 2014” came from.

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