Wrapping Up My First Exercise

So, I decided to finish up my composition exercise, and predictably, it’s terrible. I mean, not unproductively terrible, but a bit below what I would have liked to have made. You can listen to it here:

Some notes: One of the things I thought about very early was that the central motif was beyond grating, and so I decided to shift the emphasis from the motif more towards the bass, and doing so took me to a few interesting places. I also decided to squash the motif a bit; rather than double up on every note, I just crushed them into single notes; the harmonic pulse works out identically, and it was a lot easier on the ears.

I have a lot of work to do on not just my workflow, but also like, keeping myself interested and engaged in doing some of the more minor things, like poking around in the core drum loop to inject bits of life here and there. It’s easy to set up a loop and like, forget about it…? And then look at it and be too exhausted to really want to mess with it. One of the reasons why I axed the project a little bit earlier than I should’ve was just out of sheer fatigue and a touch of boredom, and I decided to just call it earlier and keep my forward momentum rather than like, sit there and slowly lose all my energy to futzing with the odd snare fill or effect.

There’s no need to demand perfection here. The purpose of the exercise is on the doing, not on finding the platonic ideal tune.

Here’s to more doing.