9 Things I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk (Photo from his Facebook Page)

For anyone who doesn’t know who Gary Vee is… how!? If you use the internets you have probably heard of him, but if not then google him. I’ll quickly tell you how I “met” Gary Vaynerchuk.

Back in February I noticed Inc. Magazine was tweeting about The #AskGaryVee show, claiming it would teach me about social media. After seeing the tweets for episodes 3, 4, 5, & 6 I finally gave in and decided to watch. After watching a bunch of his shows, I knew he was the real deal. Behind all the craziness and cursing was a media genius- so I took to Twitter to thank Inc. for introducing me to Gary Vee with this tweet.

About 55 seconds later I got this response:

This is a guy with 1.18 million followers on Twitter, a 500+ person company, and a “25 hour workday”, and he somehow found the time to respond to me.


Because he is Gary Vee.

That’s why.

Since then, I have basically been addicted to everything Gary Vee. I bought the book #JJJRH, I watch the shoooooooooows and the keynotes. Heck, I’m even in a group on Facebook that talks about the show and current social trends.

For anyone that hasn’t experienced (yes, he is definitely an experience…) Gary Vee, watch this:

While I could list the obvious things that everyone knows about him, I’m not really interested in doing that. Listening to him a few times will teach you the basics. What I want to talk about are his subtle, yet important, teachings.

1) Be willing to try a lot of new things

Gary sits every morning and scrolls through the top 150 apps list on the App Store. Every day he takes note of what apps are moving up the ranks quietly, and if they stay in the top 150 for long enough he will jump in and start using them. This is how he discovered Snapchat long before anyone else.

2) Give things a chance, but don’t wait around for a miracle

Gary is constantly exploring new apps. He puts effort into testing and analysis. He will use the app for some time and then he evaluates whether there could be marketing potential. If there isn’t, then he is prepared to move on. Many professionals will stay with platforms hoping that the effort they already expended will not go to waste. They will stick with it even if it isn’t showing results. Gary is not afraid to cut his losses and move on.

3) Embrace the haters but don’t let them control you

Gary always says he loves haters, but at the same time he is so immersed in work that while they are busy hating he is busy hustling.

4) Reuse content, a lot

Gary repurposes content all the time. Just as an example, take a look at how many times he uses the content from the show.

For every four questions answered he makes the show (which goes on YouTube and Facebook), then he converts the answers to audio and makes it a podcast. A few months ago he had each question on the show separated into its own video. In addition, many of the questions are written into articles, which are then published on either Medium, LinkedIn, GaryVaynerchuk.com, Facebook, and sometimes on several platforms. Then, in several weeks it is likely that he will reshare the ones that did well.

In the end a single question on The AskGaryVee Show can be used as many as 10 times, talk about getting the most out a single piece of content! (That means that a show with 4 answers can create over 30 pieces of standalone content.) Oh, and don’t forget that he is finishing up The #AskGaryVee book, which will be filled with answered questions from the show.

5) Tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Gary is totally fine with explaining everything he does, in extreme detail. In the talk below he was asked why he is so open about telling everyone everything he does. He responded by saying he knows that 99% of people won’t do anything about it, so he isn’t really afraid.

6) Be yourself

Gary curses all the time. He says that if he stopped cursing it would open himself to a much larger community of people, but at the end of the day this is who he is and he isn’t changing for anyone.

7) Invest in people not products

Gary is a huge investor. He invested in Facebook, Pinterest, Uber, lots of Viners, and tons of other companies. He has met so many people looking for an investment in their new great idea. He knows that most of these companies are going to fail, so while the product is important, the person behind the product is much more important. He would rather back a losing product with a great person behind it (to make sure to get in on their next amazing idea) than to back a great product with a horrible person behind it.

8) Your community is the most important

People ask Gary all the time who his favorite woman on twitter is, or his favorite author (spoiler: he doesn’t read books…), or his favorite *fill in the blank.* His response is the same every time. He spends all of his time listening to his community, he doesn’t care about what’s going on elsewhere, he just listens to his people and that way he is able to give them exactly what they want.

9) If you can work for yourself why would you ever work for someone else?

He posted this video last week. Even if you watched this watch it again. It is way more inspiring than his Monday Motivation video. The last 2:10 of this video will change your life.

If you truly have the skills and you honestly believe that you can do it, either you are lying to yourself or you need to put your money where your mouth is.

Thanks to that kind of advice I left my job and went on to start Ratz Pack Media. If not for Gary Vee I would still be working, doing all the right things, and making someone else money.

Thank you Gary for everything you taught me!

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