PPRI as a Treatment For Sciatic Nerve Leg Pain

A respected radiology practitioner, Rauf Yousaf guides Territory X-Ray Services in Darwin, Australia, and meets the needs of patients for diagnostic procedures such as MRIs and musculoskeletal imaging. Rauf Yousaf’s experience extends to percutaneous periradicular infiltration (PPRI) for patients with sciatica, or leg pain associated with the sciatic nerve that runs down the leg from the lower back and buttock.

Also known as epidural transforaminal infiltration, the treatment focuses on the spine’s lumbar portion and addresses the nerve root inflammations responsible for radiating pain. PPRI is also recommended for treating lower back pain when there is no accompanying nerve paralysis and in cases where conventional medical therapy proves ineffective. An outpatient procedure, PPRI involves the injection of steroids and anesthetic at the pathological disk level within the epidural space.

Clinical studies of PPRI over six years indicate short-term pain relief of extraforaminal herniations approaching 80 percent and relief persisting more than half a year for many patients who undergo the treatment.

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