New company profile: Flow XO

We recently published a company impact report on Flow XO. The full report is available for 451 Research clients at this link.

We’re happy to share an excerpt and highlights from this report below. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for our coverage of the companies in the bots space please leave me a message or contact me via Twitter or Facebook, thanks!

Flow XO hits the ground running with bot-building platform

The company has launched a SaaS platform that provides tools for building conversational chat bots. Emerging players face an increasingly crowded market and the threat of enterprise vendors moving in. We look at how its background in CRM and business workflows can help it withstand market pressure.

Things are looking good for Flow XO. The company comes to market with a strong background in CRM and business workflows, and a good understanding of how bots can help companies address business problems. The platform’s cross-platform capabilities and integration to over 90 services give the company a competitive advantage. This allowed Flow XO to hit the ground running, and could help the company withstand the initial market hype and still-uncertain evolution of the chat bot opportunity.