10 Life Lessons Learned from Unrelated Product Design Jobs

…or 10 things I learned which added priceless value to my life

👉 Throughout my working life experience, I worked in quite a few different jobs that for whatever the reason I don’t show on my product designer curriculum vitae. Most of them added value to my life and made me understand better the world in a way it would probably be impossible otherwise.

Among my hidden list of jobs you can find positions such as translator (in court, in jail…), waiter, debt collector —yep debt collector—, cleaner, voice actor, streets salesman, shoe shop floor assistant, wine shop clerk, delivery guy, aluminium carpenter, library assistant, insurance telemarketing representative, … just to name a few.

I created this list bellow to outline the importance of that work experience that we usually decide not to show on a professional resumé. I believe job experiences add value to your life and help you understand yourself and other people better.

Here is the list.

  1. Be kind and generous to people giving you a service.
  2. People are not working for free, they all need some sort of rewards. Always pay or tip if necessary.
  3. Not everybody enjoy their work, people work on jobs they don’t like because of their personal situation.
  4. Even the most unappreciated job requires some sort of skill, never underestimate a job.
  5. Working is not a shame, never feel bad for working, working is necessary to provide you with food and a sustainable way of living.
  6. Make the journey easy, collaborate with others, even the toughest, dirties, and low paid jobs are easy if the people you are working for are nice.
  7. Work as if whatever you are doing is the most important work in the world. Use your imagination.
  8. The others do not need to know how miserable you are at this very moment. Do not spread your unhappiness. If you are unhappy focus on the moment, leave the past and future besides. Unhappiness is contagious.
  9. Some jobs are not supposed to innovate or being creative. they are what they are and they are on our way to teach us something. The lessons might be tough.
  10. Repetitive jobs specially those physical ones are a great opportunity for your brain to escape and think creatively so don’t sub-estimate this kind of work it can be the most creative moment of the day and when magic happens.
  11. Bonus: Be like water my friend (Bruce Lee). Learn to fluid like water. Learn to move with the currents. Space is energy and any energy has flows. Move with the flow. Be flow.

This is my own personal list of experiences and gains I took over many years when working in jobs which now seem disconnected to my profession but they have given me ground to be in this world and connect to others in so many different ways.

I hope all of you can learn from experiences other than those that come directly from your professions because I’m sure they will make you grow as humans in so many levels.

Thanks for reading!

Product Designer agile and data driven | http://raulmv.com

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