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Why Does Writing Matters for Product Designers

Articulating the decision-making process behind your design portfolio

Raúl M. Vicente
Jul 3, 2019 · 2 min read

Keeping a visual design portfolio with updated work is a never-ending project for most designers. Our portfolio is as important as our educational background, if not even more. A portfolio is a presentation card.

I work in design for many years, and as I specialize in product design and UX processes, I consider my visuals as important as the way I write about them. It’s important to communicate the research, analyzing, planning, work, and skills behind the design process.

Communicating the way we work is a moral obligation, and it helps to build respect and empathy for the design profession. For that reason, I consider my writing an important part of my portfolio, it explains the design and strategic thinking.

But that doesn’t mean to focus on writing and forget about the visual work.

My visual design work shows skills, love for typography, colors, layouts, etcetera. My writing shows the thinking behind the scenes. Both are powerful. Reading about the design processes is like listening to a writer, or film director, explaining how they build a story and construct a narrative.

But one of the main reason to write is that it can help you put your thoughts in order. It’s therapeutic. Another good reason is that it could help others to learn.

When we take the time to explain what occurs behind the scenes we make the design more relevant. And we are helping each other when we spread knowledge about our professions.

Let’s be more efficient communicating design and let’s do it in a way that is easily accessible to people outside our profession.

Thanks for reading.

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