This is an important point. It’s not some trendy new college or online degree. It’s a new mindset, put into action by you, leaving behind a digital footprint that speaks louder than any piece of stamped paper.
Your College Degree is Worthless
Isaac Morehouse

Well.. While I agree that, at the core, what is needed is a re-awakening of self-discipline, self-motivation, etc.. But I really do think that the democratization of information and knowledge is quite literally revolutionizing the way people learn and grow.

Less than a half-century ago, the only way to ask a question, and get an answer, in real time. Was typically to go to school, be lucky enough to know someone close-by who had the answer (apprenticeships), or to buy/borrow a book w/ the answers (which is hardly real-time).

Now one simply types in (or even now speaks) a question into a search engine, and the answers are at your fingertips.

Want to know how an engine works, how to argue a judicial case, how to perform heart surgery? Ask. Look for the answers. Then practice. Get experience.

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