1%er Writes Open Letter To Mayor About How He Has To See Poor People
Ester Bloom

He’s getting absolutely eviscerated (well-deservedly so) in the all the news sites, so I will refrain from continuing the bashing, but most of all, this kind of worldview makes me really sad. How is it that so many people — and believe me, there are so, so many people in SF who share his same view but choose not to write a blogpost about it — lack such basic empathy? We constantly tell children, “Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.” If a five year-old can stop thinking about themselves for all of 15 seconds and realize it’s not nice to exclude people on the playground, you would think a grown adult would be able to imagine the hardship of living on the street.

It absolutely terrifies me that this is not that terribly uncommon amongst the people who are in positions of power, tech and elsewhere. I sincerely hopes he reflects on this, and also that he never leads a company again.

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