Home Is Where The Heart Is, And Also The Collateral
Ester Bloom

I peruse Redfin at least 3x a week, longingly thinking of how much better our lives would be if we could afford a 2-bedroom standalone bungalow in Oakland. (Spoiler: we can’t because they are going for $800-$1000/square foot in the neighborhoods we like!). Some of it is just pure fantasy —it’s not like our dirty dishes are going to be magically cleaned by house elves — but some of it is really real. We have an insane neighbor that consistently causes stress and anxiety (the last couple that lived here got a restraining order and called the cops on him multiple times before moving out), and I have no doubt my mental health would benefit from living somewhere that’s sunnier, ten degrees warmer, and conducive to having happy hour wine on the patio after work. Le sigh.

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