My one thing is to research things to do in San Francisco — I have a work trip there next week and…

Second the Ferry Building & Palace of Fine Arts recommendations! I would add climbing up to the top of either Twin Peaks or Bernal Heights for a beautiful view of the city/bay, as well as checking out for free (tipping is encouraged) walking tours of different neighborhoods — think oogling all the fancy mansions in Pac Heights, or learning about Haight-Ashbury. Renting a bike and biking the GG bridge to Sausalito is always a good time as well, if you’re looking for some moderate exercise.

As for pork buns/dim sum, my favorite place is either Yank Sing if you’re feeling fancy, or Hong Kong Lounge II (not to be confused with HKL I, which is also on Geary and not actually related).

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