Ringing in 2018: Resolutions

Hey everyone! It is Jen, Charm in the Mundane again and I wanted to bring you some of my resolutions for the New Year! As I know that all of us are busy with friends & family, I will talk about 5 ways you can make 2018 your year to shine and succeed! Let’s begin! But first a little inspiration :) And a big, big thank you to all the people who stayed the course! Since July 2017, I couldn’t be happier to meet lots of new people both online and in-person.

Pixistock makes the best graphics! I recommend joining their listserv; the free emails always have bonus images you can use on your story/on the gram!

I asked my mom for some tips to make myself a better person, so here they are!

#1 Hit the Switch

I realize I spend so much of my free time just scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and Instagram, or watching random videos on Youtube. It might be helpful to pick up a book, and read now and then. Also, it might be a good idea to take out my earplugs and actually talk to people as I walk down Locust Walk! We pretty much spend most of our times on our phones, and while it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and catch up on news and whatnot, it can also be super exhausting. I know that my fingers feel numb after a couple of hours just going through different apps and typing! That is why after reading my blogger friend, Juliettiful’s resolution, I want to also recommend Moment! Using the app has actually encouraged me to do other things and not just spend time on my phone all day!

Thank you dad for being my #1 photographer at home :) Also just discovered how amazing the Selective tool on Snapseed is!

#2 Give people the benefit of the doubt

Good grief, I will admit sometimes I think I am a little too aggressive and pointed with my words. I think it will do me well to not jump to correct people so quickly (I know that I don’t like it when people do it to me) and instead kindly point out some of my disagreements with their thinking. I am definitely working on taking multiple points of view to account before judging someone on whether what they say is right or wrong! Plus, arguing with people and pointing out everyone’s mistakes is not exactly the best/most productive way to live, so I will definitely learn a little chill and just go with the flow!

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# 3 Connect more ❤

I think this rings true for a lot of people on Instagram..I find myself always asking myself how many of my followers/fellow bloggers do I actually know :) Being both a resident of Tampa and Philadelphia presents some unique opportunities to meet a lot of cool people! I am always looking to hang out and talk, grab coffee, take photos etc. but most importantly I am looking to make friends just for the sake of making friends :) Hit me up and I would love to get to know you all! I have vowed that I will never be too busy to catch up with people even if I am in the midst of finals season!

Can’t you tell I am just loving this NYE outfit? Complete with a shimmer tank, new booties and fringe denim ❤

#4 Enjoy learning

Curved classes are always a nightmare for a college student. No one wants to fail, and the material can appear daunting. I know I went through this last semester when I constantly questioned why my school had so many business prerequisites to get through. While the classes you take may not always be your favorite, think about them in a positive way. At least for me, I try and think about how I can apply what I learn in my life. That really arcane concept in class could come in handy in an interview or in a conversation where you are trying to negotiate your way out of something/something in your favor! I know that “the first offer concept: always make the first offer” I learned in management class helped me negotiate my pay rate with a brand! Point is: everything that you learn has a purpose and I plan on making learning more fun and useful for myself and others in 2018!

But seriously, let’s be real, we all would rather be in bed

#5 Leave people behind

This is probably the hardest for me. I do struggle to let go, and I am working on changing. Point is, if the people around you don’t support what you do or who you are, it is time to leave them behind. Life is too short to let people who disapprove of everything you do run your life. Don’t let one-sided friendships drag; go out there and meet new people! Find people who match your interests, your passions; I promise you they are out there! And definitely, do not let the people who expect you to do everything they ask you to do when they drag their feet whenever you need them, stay in your life! 2018 is a time of renewal; walk into 2018 with a clear head, ready to take it on!

xx Charm in the Mundane

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