Donald Trump Could Screw the U.S. Navy’s Plans for a Bigger Carrier Fleet
David Axe


I am not sure what the point is for your article.

First, when it comes to any version of the F-35, I ask, “Is the F-35 an effective system?”

Has the F-35 met the original goals? Does it have the range needed for today’s threats? Can it climb, turn, maneuver or fight effectively? Can it stand up to highly trained, motivated and modern Chinese or Russian forces? Is it a cost effective weapons system? Are its pilots getting enough actual flight time? Is it stealthy to all forms of detection?

The next point is that the UK isn’t exactly a world power. There not even a regional power. Can they defend their coast? Do they have an effective fleet? I could go on but the fact is that UK has allowed its military to deteriorate and couldn't even defend the Falkland Islands let alone protect itself!

Now the last part has to do with our Carriers and the Littoral Combat Ships.

Can our carriers get the F-35 into range of Chinese targets? How long would our carriers last in a conflict with Russia or China? How effective are the carriers in todays modern world? How reliable are the Littoral Combat Ships? How reliable are the carriers in today’s modern world?

These are all separate questions and if the answer is no to one or more, then I have to ask: Why are we building it?

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