Also, the implementation of Siri on Apple Watch is one of its most useful features.
Paul Carmody

I want to agree with you, but… one of the biggest limitations for me with this has been it only works well if your phone is by your side. If I’m a couple of metres away – phone on desk, me on couch, same room, no walls – I find Siri on the Watch to be SUPER SLOW.

On the flip side, “Hey Siri” on the iPhone is pretty good, so if I need to switch on my Hue lights or set a timer, I’ll just yell louder for my iPhone to pick up the command instead of raising my wrist.

I will say though that Siri on Apple Watch is way more accurate than I ever thought it’d be. If I need to dictate a message on there, I find it’s fine 95% of the time – way more accurate than CarPlay!

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