Earnings from 365 days of work in a Indian startup

Many rumors passed on before taking up my next assignment at a startup leaving other job offers. But I drifted along and it was the same day October 17th 2016, when I entered a new colorful office to start my work with a new role. From the day till date, I penned down my top learning experiences and this post will walk you through my 365 days at work. Read, show love and enjoy these lines from bottom of my heart

Work is worship: Not just a belief or Trust, but I worshiped my work purely for the past 1 year. And bravely accepted the fact that worshiping would yield progress in my life, success and enhance my learning too. Man and work have been together for long, but I wanted this ever lasting friendship to be divine as well in a startup (1st ethic of my work life).

Be an Extremist: Living a life in 20’s I always wanted to say a big YES to whatever that comes my way, and want to work, party, play, travel, read etc and do whatever I wish to the extreme ends as possible. Once reaching the extra note, I can clearly define my boundaries rather than going with a hypothetical assumption (and hanging with a dilemma of not doing things at this age). This is one serious internal push that I always have within me.

Be a People’s person: You don’t need to please people to be rewarded by them, just be GOOD, do good and be good for no matter what the other person does. Karma is a bitch! and even the so called enemy of yours might end up giving you a hug for your GOODNESS. There were incidences which even gave me goosebumps on my rooted goodness with people around of different ages, levels, race etc.

Know your job: Spend time to know/find the complexity of your business and evolve the right math to derive results. For my instance; in one statement my work is defined by f(g(x)) = my results.

F = my role (dynamic)
G = varied partner (persona keeps changing from one to other)
X = paying customer (persona keeps changing from one to other)

Even if you have an hour, just don’t waste time in finding solutions but for 55 minutes identify the source problem and then your job becomes easy for next 5 minutes.

Set high bench marks: Thanks to all the leaders in this entity who taught me this, don’t get to settle with whatever you have/whatever you achieve, you always have to stretch further to be at the top notch. Bars to achieve are always way higher than expected, sky is the limit boss!

Team: Either you work in a small number or a bunch of people, I’ll remember the principle of rising to the occasion and bearing the torch; leading the march should be the slogan of every team member. On a heavier note I strongly believe ‘’GO BIG or GO HOME” will work rather than being on the sweet spot. Team play a bigger role in your success as well. Thank you Team Cuemath for this.

Never Give Up: There will be many incidents of working late, killing holidays, busy all days and no fun, thinking of dropping down from this journey. But keep the sail on, the more difficult it is, the better it gets, either today, tomorrow or someday for sure. Never ever give up on the decisions made for yourself.

External Motivation: To make this journey possible, I never let anyone take control of me, no matter what others say, I believed in myself and took the path which I trusted to go ahead.

And I was blown by the impact of this lines which I keep repeating every single day of my life from the video on how to control your emotions:

’’I will not allow any damn person under the same sun make me feel good/bad by what he/she says. In precise, don’t allow others to take control of your life and judge you. It’s one life, live to the fullest in your own way.’’

Journey of 365 days in numbers:

300+ Public Talks delivered
5200+ Directly influencing unknowns
150+ success stories
510+ New locations explored (across 5 states)

Call to actions: Start working insanely without holding back for any limits such that people even should question on their ability irrespective of their age, experience and qualifications.

Don’t just wait for someone else to make your dreams come true. Break your dreams into bits, work hard and hold strong perseverance till your dreams come TRUE. Build the belief and keep yourself at most busy as possible. And lastly, never stop learning because Most of us Die at 25 and get buried at 75

Lets see how this journey unfolds ahead. Can’t stop sitting back in my chair. Heavenly Excitement!

Would love to hear your comments and you can directly be in touch with my soul at kiran.ravi382@gmail.com