All About Product Positioning (Part 1 of 3)

Product Positioning Series (1/3): In the first series we will talk about the attributes of product positioning (product features, target customers, etc..).

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What do you think makes you get seen, thought about and remembered on your target market with so many competitors? The whole point of developing products is to stay in business for long, to achieve this, your customers need to think about you. Product position gets you seen by creating a perception of your product, service or brand. Understanding the weak points of your competitors and how potential customers view the market will help you identify and even own a marketing niche for a product, service or brand using various tactics such as pricing, distribution, promotions, packaging, and competition.

The goal of product position is to instill a unique impression about your product in the customers’ minds so that they associate something specific and desirable in your product that is distinct from your competitors. We all want our products to be successful, so in this series of articles I have discussed my top product positioning tips and how you can apply on your product.

Product positioning characteristics

When customers are considering to make a purchase, they should be thinking about your product. Thus, your positioning should have the following attributes;

1. Differentiate your product from your competitors. Sticking out from your competition is how you create a powerful brand. Differentiation makes a successful brand unique, here are a few ways to set your product apart;

  • Offer a unique business model.
  • Rename your product to something memorable or bold.
  • Separate yourself from competitors visually.
  • Project a sense of personality
  • Be the first in doing something
  • Offer a truly unique technology or service.
  • Use clear and persuasive language to describe your product

2. Address significant customer buying criteria.

Is there sufficient interest in your product? Your product needs to be relevant to your customers so that your brand positioning can directly address their buying criteria, and hence create a lasting emotional connection. In the process, it fuels visibility, growth, and reputation.

3. Articulate unique product characteristics.

When your product offers a variety of services, it lacks focus and hence attracts more competition. You might think that by providing many services, you may attract more customers. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. For positioning to be effective, you should establish a niche in the market that only your product can fill. Then you can express how your product has unique characteristics to fill that gap. How can you do this?

· Specialize in a unique service offering.

· Specialize in a specific industry.

· Focus on a specific area.

In the next two articles we will discuss steps to position your product , and building the product position strategy.

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