20 Ultimate SEO Tips for Web Designers Need to Know in 2017

SEO Tips for Web Designers 2017

A great website design is essential to any brand or business striving to find success and exposure online, but if the site can not get any good search rankings, chances are very few people may ever get to see it. To avoid facing such issues, one should consider about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its importance. So, here are the few important SEO tips for web designers.

  1. Mobile Friendly Approximate 34% websites are responsive and accessing websites through smartphone and phablets has become trends now. Creativity incorporated into modern browsers has optimized mobile experience through amazing features like automated modification of font size and pinch-to-zoom. With the advent of Googles Mobile Friendly algorithm and the smartphone as the most used devices online, you should make the site responsive. No matter how good you are designing the website, it is no use if it can not be accessed properly across devices.
  2. Google Bot Access To help Google fully understand your sites contents, allow all of your sites assets, such as CSS and JavaScript files, to be crawled. To fully index your website Google must understand your each and every resources. Google crawlers name Googlebot visit your website and first check your Robot.txt file to find if any resources or file is blocked. You should allow all the resources that you wants to get crawled.
  3. Https Secure It is been a long-known fact that sites with SSL 2048-bit key certificates usually get a ranking boost in Googles Search Algorithm. Using secured and relative URLs for the resources on your websites domain is much beneficial, and among HTTPS and HTTP, then priority is given to the security.
  4. Page Speed Google explicitly points out the site speed because as you know, users hate slow websites! Minimizing your websites bounce rate and speeding up your website would be pretty beneficial to search engines as well your customers. Several hacks are present to do that and using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the best.
  5. No Render Blocking Render blocking delays a webpage from being visible in a timely manner. Google recommends to remove or defer CSS/JavaScript that interferes with loading the content above the fold of your sites pages. Above the fold means what a reader/visitor initially sees on their screen. That screen might be a smartphone, iPad, desktop or whatever the user is using to see your web page.

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