Ravi Shanghavi: President of Antilia Homes, Ottawa

Ravi Shanghavi has lived in Canada for his entire life, and is a proud resident of Ottawa. During his time in Ontario, Ravi has worked for a number of industry-leading technology companies, such as Nokia and HP. In his current position as President of Antilia Homes, Ravi Shanghavi pairs his experience in project management with a rich local knowledge of the region in order to provide expert guidance to the Ottawa-based bespoke home-builders.

Ravi is an IT specialist, with particular expertise in cloud computing and virtualisation, alongside other areas:

Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa
  • Infrastructure
  • Project Management (PMP)
  • Grid Computing
  • IT Architecture
  • Big Data

Ravi Shanghavi achieved an MBA through the Edinburgh Business School; testament to his acumen in the field.

Currently, Ravi holds the position of President at Antilia Homes, of which he was a founder. Antilia Homes builds luxury, custom homes across the Ottawa region. Ravi’s company also provides luxury rentals to tenants, and turnkey opportunities to investors. Ravi Shanghavi uses his local knowledge of Ottawa to locate and secure the most desirable lots in the region, such as in Westboro Village.

Ravi Shanghavi is President of Antilia Homes, custom home-builders in Ottawa, ON.

Ravi looks forward to moving Antilia Homes forward in the coming years, offering exciting new homes and rentals to Ottawa’s residents.

- Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa.