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I guess that the lab techs are hosts as well, that is the only way it makes sense at all. “I’ve build this place, ALL of it”. The question is whether Ford is aware or even orchestrating their awakening.

It seems like Ford’s God Syndrome has far-reaching implications. He is surely creating hosts (Theressa is next) to influence the real world. Also, it looks like hosts are recording so Ford can access anything that is being said towards or in the company of hosts. That blood sacrafice line is being uttered first by Charlotte in the room with the sex-bot when the plan to thwart Ford is laid out. It is devishly repeated by Ford before the killing of Theressa occurs.

I like this development. We were with Ford in the beginning, but he is being revealed as the real monster, the one that needs to be stopped. My money is on Dolores.

Also, is William the MIB? He starts to believe in a deeper meaning of the park…

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