How to Make New Year RESOLUTION for 2018 to Get More Out of YOU!

Every year, we always make resolutions on New Year, however as soon as the first month- January passes, our resolutions also faint away. Friends, this is very important to understand what type of resolutions we create, that make us proceed towards our growth, success and to fulfill our wishes. To create the resolutions it is necessary that you should do self-analysis; you should analyse the factors owing to which you are not able to increase your growth, or because of which your health is not supporting you. Try to find out those lacks & bad habits in you and basis them create your resolutions.

Friends, creating resolutions is not a big task, however following them is a bigger task. Rather to fulfill those resolutions, you need not create another resolution! You should never think that you would completely be a transformed personality from tomorrow, or you would change your identity totally and surprise people to think if he is the same person or someone else. Don’t try to change yourself fully in one go, as this would not be possible and your resolutions may die.

Let me share some examples with you, which might help you in choosing better resolutions for yourself. If you want to achieve success in life then just examine within yourself that how do you evaluate ‘punctuality’ and ‘commitment’ in your life. It is also essential to test how skilled you are in performing the functions to be delivered; how disciplined you are in your life; are you in the right friend-circle; money-management, money-saving or clearing your dues / loans — Identify what exactly is the hurdle in your success-path. Take only one or two (at the max) resolutions rather than making a list of many. If you were able to complete even one goal, this would mean you have stepped towards fulfilling your desired goal in life.

Following the resolutions is a big task, to fulfill them –

1) start setting up reminders,

2) print the resolutions, get them framed and paste them in your bedroom on the front-wall, so that you may get auto-reminders while sleeping or getting up.

3) Write your resolutions in your mobile & desktop/ laptop screensavers so that your brain may get repeated reminders multiple times. This will motivate you to complete them. If inadvertently, there comes a break in resolution- don’t worry and don’t leave it in between thinking you would carry forward it to next year. No need to repent, rather keep continuing it with the same rigor till the time you achieve it.

We all know about Md. Gauri who got defeated 17 times and later got succeeded in conquering India. He made Prithviraj Chauhan the slave. He didn’t accept the defeat and continued putting all his efforts to win the battle. And at last he won. In the similar way, you also should not accept the defeat, and keep putting in all your efforts till the time you don’t achieve your desired goal / resolution. No matter how long it takes — a month or a two or may be a year, you should be committed to fulfilling the promises and commitment that you have made with yourself. And nevertheless, you need not wait for the New Year to take up or set up new goal or resolution. As the saying goes, It’s always the morning whenever you wake up … it is never too late to implement good things in your life. Whenever you discover any weakness or lack, start improving from now-onwards.

You definitely will WIN, nobody can defeat you, and nobody can stop you. I wish you a very happy new year.