No Force in Force 2 to Attract Audience — Movie Review

The world was met by a force for the second time as Abhinay Deo Directed Force 2 popped up on the charts today. Main star cast includes John Abraham , Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin.

The plot of the story is based on Raw agents. A cop in Mumbai Police , Yashwardhan that is to say John Abraham recieves a a parcel from his friend Harish who is a Raw agent. Yash takes the parcel and drops down at the Raw office where hieis tasked with a new project. Accompanied by another Raw agent KK that is to say Sonakshi Sinha ,Yash reaches BuddhaPest. There he faces the bad boy of the movie Shiv Kumar that is to say Tahir Raj Bhasin. Due to some personel reasons Shiv is adament of terminating raw agents along with China. His main target involves assasinating the concerned minister of the nation.

So what happens then, Does Shiv succeed in his diabolical mission…?, What is in the parcel which reaches Yash…?, What is the soul reason due to which Shiv wants to terminate all the Raw agents …?, does he succeed in killing the the concerned Minister? Does he get caught during his evil crusade or he gets killed in due course? All these questions can only be answered when you watch the film because I wont be giving you the story of the film, I would be giving my reviews on it.

Lets have a look t the film from my point of view, The story of the film is like every other spy film. Either you will have a leak in your team , or you would be bugged with a chip, or there would be a CD or a top secret file which carries the proof for everything happening. The screenplay and Direction goes normal. The film has three main charectars, John Abraham, Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sonakshi Sinha. A pointer which is worth pointing out is that a girl who is portraying as a Raw officer and a operations leader who has a problem in squeezing the trigger of the gun. From the acting point of view, Tahir Raj has made his presence felt to the audience. John Abraham , Sonakshi Sinha and all the other cast did as usual

Majority of the film has been shot in Buddha Pest . Cinematography has complimented the storyline. Los Angeles based Hungarian Cinematographer Embley Juhas has done a great job with gthe camera and cinematography skills. Overall this is a action packed film, this is a chase film be it on the roof or on the road. Reminds you of the bond films and somewhere ths cliché makes you feel cheated. This movie gets 2 stars out of 5. And for more unbiases and accurate movie reviews log on to my channel , subscribe it and don’t forget to hit the like button.