Unbiased Movie Review of TUM BIN 2

It seems that the month of november is the month of sequel films. First came Rock on 2, then it was Force 2 and Tum Bin 2. Talking about Tum Bin 2, the firstmovie of this sequel that is to say Tum Bin got released in the year 2001 and today after 15 years came Anubhav Sinha Produced, Writeen and Directed Tum Bin 2. Why the sequel came late?…was the producer looking for a better name or what was going on in the Producer`s mind?..all these questions or quesries are secondry but what is important is the review.

The star cast includes Neha Sharma as Tarang, Aditya Seal as Amar , Ashim Gulati as Shekher and Kanwaljit Singh. This movie not only showcases a love triangle but also a elegant shade of romantic drama. But It would be more presice if I sy that it was less of a film and more of a drama.

The crust of the movie is as follows, that Tarang and Amar are about to get married when all of a sudden Amar meets with an accident and vanishes. As time passes, Amar is presumed to be dead by Tarang and his father Kanwaljit Singh. Then comes the the entry of Shekher and we can see sparks flying off between Tarang and Shekher. Tarang is on the verge of forgetting Amar when the news breaks in that Amar has regained conciousness and thus he is alive. Amar comes back home and from hereon forms the love triangle.

So whom does Tarang marry?..How does Amar meets with an accident due to which he goes into a coma…? The answers to these questions lies in the film and to get to the answers you need to watch the film because I wont be giving you thestory of the film I would just be giving you my reviews on it.

Lets have a look in the story from my point of view. There is nothing new in the story but still its ok. A girl forgetting a her fiancee in just 8 monthes and falling in the arms of a new guy , and even when Amar returns Tarang is unable to connect with him at a emotional level. This track portrays the female part to be weak. The screenplay has several loopholes which is clearly indicated by the fact that the movie is dragged at several places. Where the movie is presumed to end, the film gets dragged atleast twenty to twenty five minutes even after that point. Therefore we can say that the movie has two endings take your pick which ever you feel is the better end for the movie.

Direction is good according to the script.If this movie would have been Directed by any other Director apart from Anubhav Sinha God knows what would have happened. But yes I would like to admit this fact that there were two scenes I didn’t follow properly. Fist being the scene before interval when Amar gains conciousness, and when the movie starts after interval we see Amar`s fathe and Tarang at the hospital, which made me wonder how in the world did they get to know about Amar. And the next being the scene when Amar goes to talk to Shekher at his place. This scene shows a incomplete conversation as if it has been already decided tha the audience is wise enough to understand what would be the talk between these two.

From the acting point of view,everybody did there part well. The scenic beauty of Scotland will leave a soothing effect on your eyes. Cinematography was great making the scenes even more beautiful and worthy of attention. Irrespective of the fact that there is a case of blur focus in te scene which involves Shekher and Tarang, but that focus blur is eminent.

All those who were unable to get a grip on the movie Ae Dil hai Mushkil, I request you not to go and watch this film. Overall this movie gets two stars out of 5 from me. For unbiased and accurate movie reviews log onto my channel and if you like it, hit the like button.