The Unsolved D.B.Cooper Case Is Back

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The notorious sky pirate who hijacked a plane in 1971 for a small fortune with a parachute to make a successful landing, never to be seen again. The case has stumped the FBI for 45 years. Still the case is considered as one of the biggest unsolved aviation mysteries and recently the FBI has announced that they are not actively investigating about the 45-year-old plane hijacker, D.B.Cooper. If you have had no idea whatsoever about this strange hijacker, now it’s time to acquaint yourself with the story.

What’s new?

A few amateur sleuths are on a mission to encourage to solve this case which has literally baffled the FBI agents for the past 45 years and they are willing to garner the assistance of public. They’ll be releasing batches of documents linked to the case those that haven’t been made public.

Into the case…

The case is certainly a fascinating one. On November 24, 1971, a man called Dan Cooper boarded a Northwest Orient Airlines from Portland to Seattle. Once the plane was in the air, Cooper smoked a few cigarettes, had some soda and passed a note to a flight attendant. The attendant later said, Cooper showed her something which seemed to be a bomb in his briefcase. Minutes later Cooper demanded $200,000 and a few parachutes. After the pilot landed in Seattle, all passengers were allowed to deplane. Cooper has received the exact amount as he ordered with a set of parachutes and he ordered the crew to fly towards Mexico city, with a refueling stop in Nevada. After takeoff somewhere between Seattle and Nevada Cooper has parachuted from the plane. He was never seen again! Did he make a safe landing and disappear with the money or did he die due to an unsuccessful landing?

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