The Santa Conspiracy

Why do so many perpetuate the myth of Santa Claus?

If an alien asked me about Santa, I would have to tell him that I am complicit in an unfathomably vast conspiracy to disinform millions of youth, knowing they will all one day suffer the truth’s revelation, indeed even be perceived as insane if they never do. Is it a lie, a lesson, a cruel test, an out-dated tradition, or a common agreement that the side effects of this deliberate and persistent illusion and conspiracy are a small price to pay for an age of joy and wonder?

Myths, parables, super heroes and saints.. The space between religion and science is filled with campfire tales. Perhaps the adults have become lost in their own conspiracy, spoiled the play to squabble over semantics. It seems to me there’s no disputing that our jolly gift bearers, super men, and holy martyrs alike play their grandest roles not in the realms of truth and history, but as immortals on a common stage, standard bearers of generosity, courage, and compassion, spirits ever dancing in the firelight.. living in our dreams.