A Message From My Muslim Friend
Emily Friedel

What a thoughtful and measured response. As you mentioned, however, logical arguments like this is not likely to change the mind of people like the person whom you blocked. He/she would argue that, yes, I know that all religions promote violence but currently these atrocities are committed by Muslims and not Christians so we should profile anyone who looks like a Muslim (I’d quality BTW because of my skin color and place of birth) because doing so will make the rest of us safer.

It’s a silky argument, of course, and it’s equivalent of saying most crimes are committed by people who are economically disadvantaged, so we should profile poor people and scrutinize their lives to make the rest of us safer.

Unfortunately, all these logical arguments would not change anyone’s mind on the other side because the source of their anger towards minorities is typically more visceral and less based on facts and logic. Facts do not matter anymore. It’s become ok to voice your racist opinions again and the opposing sides narrative is easily understood by the uneducated masses. This is how massacres of minorities have been justified all over the world.

Peaceful Muslims, who are the absolute vast majority, are getting it from both sides: the radical Muslims in their own countries and the racist masses abroad.

Regardless, thanks so much for not giving up and taking the time and shining light on the facts.

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