Going up the Mountain

In one of the stories in one of the oldest book, the bible, we are introduced to Caleb and Joshua who displayed explanary leadership qualities whilst serving as mid- level leaders in leading the children of Isreal.The people were being led by Moses and Aaron, but after a while the heart of the people began to grow weary and they were going to rebel against Moses and Aaron.The people had being going on a hazardous mountain journey when they came into the wilderness, where supply of basic needs became a challenge.

In going up the mountain there are going to be obstacles, but the joy of overcoming them at the summit is indescribable.

What are the challenges in going up the mountain, doubters would have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you must remain steadfast and focus. Their sole aim is to disorient you, you need to preserve your energy for the journey rather than expand it or people who do not add value to you.

Along the way, you might get hurt, as the forest might have prickly plant, scrubs. Your ability to endure the pain for the joy that is set before you, must be enhanced more than ever. Just as you have prickly plant on your journey to the mountain top, so you could have metaphorically pain . People who don’t understand what you are doing may misinterpret or worst, misrepresent you. This could be very disheartening, especially when it comes from people who are close and you believe should know better.You would have to learn how to dig deep inside yourself to energise and reactivate yourself, when this happens.

The journey to the mountain top would require your perseverance, consistent, diligence, focus, determination and persistence.

After you have made the journey and you are at the top, the joy of the fulfilment should dissuade you from trying to seek revenge or retribution to people you believed hurt you on your way.

It is only by letting go and moving forward that you would excel and aim for higher mountain.

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