The Office of the Power
Rotimi Fawole

It is generally said that history repeats itself, in Nigeria’s peculiar case , it seems we keep staring history in the face, by repeating the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result(I’m told that is the definition of madness).

Most of what you've alluded has been repeated again and again, we do have the potential, but how does that translate into the desired developmental needs. I think purposeful leadership is the missing link and that is undercut by the present system we run which would not allow people who want to serve to get to position of authority rather those who would be served.

The followership has a role to play also, we all complain about our politicians, until ‘one of our own’ gets there then our language changes, our ‘Omo wa ni e je oseh syndrome’ kicks in. All that we have railed against now become permissible because of our ‘seeing’ things differently now.

As long as our idea of leadership is coloured by ethnicity, religion( the two most divisive element in Nigeria), i think this macabre dance would continue.

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