I pitied the unfortunate bank workers who had been posted there. I was excited to see the local zoo but the lions had long died and the only animals left were ones you didn’t really need to visit a zoo to see.
Good to see TWOTS has returned. We were planning a protest.
Tomi Oladipo

The last time I was in Esie, the lion (2012 i think), was still at the zoo, though it was a bit edgy, not knowing the State of welfare, but there were some few other animals also. And there was the motel, that has added a finer edge to wanting to stay a bit longer. Coupled with adjoining villages( or town now) like Edidi ( where i hail from), Oro(and the 9 arms of Oro as they are called) and Omu-Aran are all not lacking in development and addition of recreational and hotel facilities.

The statues still remains the main attraction, and nice that they are still standing.

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