So You’re Planning On Playing College Baseball

One of the goals for the Tigers is to provide players the best opportunity to reach the next level. We do this by equipping them with tools and valuable information.We provide them information through player-coach meetings, evaluations, and college night.

In recent years, we have been very strong in creating online content to reference throughout the year. We have done this by filming interviews with college coaches and providing important clips from college night.

The last interview we had was a huge! The information from it shined light on the focal points for middle school and high school players. The interview features University of Nebraska’s Head Coach, Darin Erstad.

When you read this, try to put yourself in his shoes as a college recruiter. You will see why colleges are starting to recruit earlier and why relationships are very important. (Side note: if you want to dig deeper on training focal points, check out our 1-minute blog on “The 5 Tools” )

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Interview Date: Spring of 2017

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Spiker: Thank you coach for sitting down with me,

Coach Erstad: Glad to be here

Coach at what point do you start recruiting players?

It depends. Unfortunately it’s earlier and earlier. I’m not watching sixth grade or seventh grade games yet, but we are watching freshman games.
The goal is to start building your database and start building relationships and getting guys on your radar. In very, very, very special cases we might offer someone at that age, but as you get into your summer before your sophomore year you start getting evaluated a little bit harder. We will start making unofficial visits and then it will ramp up as a junior.
And you know it’s just a matter of building your database and finding out who’s interested in your university. I think the biggest thing right now is getting to know the kids and get to know the family. But we do start early and develop relationships.

How many times does it take to see a player?

It takes you typically more than once to see a player on the field before you say, “Hey we want on campus.”
You know there’s there’s guys you see right away that you like a lot. Then there’s other guys you watch you like, but you have to see more. So every case is a little bit different. There’s not an exact template you follow for every single kid.
If you were a high school player, how would you handle college recruiting?
The most valuable piece of advice is doing your homework. Do your homework on the university and the coaching staff.
When you get the general e-mail, it’s a turnoff. I get 50-80 of those a day. I am looking for the email that catches my attention. I’m not just talking baseball I’m talking about the academic part or just Husker Nation in general.
Also, I would find what schools I was really interested in. Is it a place where I could see myself spending three four or five years. Just like when you set goals and you chase your dreams go for the highest one. And then if it doesn’t work out you can always find different things to go to. But just for me it’s all about a personal level just like we want to get to know them personally the best way to do it is to reach out to them.

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