Talk with Ray : ‘offer you’ vs. ‘offer to you’ ?

Hi my friends, lingpals~ Great weekends!

After finish long long weekday, I love this time that relaxing and focusing on my life. >,.<

Today I am preparing some expression using ‘offer’. This word is very common and easy to use in daily life. Let’s talk about this.

Did you check upper picture? Can you guess the situation?? Let’s check again~

Didn’t you have that kind of time in your life? If not, Ummm... Maybe you still looking for a job. Am I right? Sorry about that by the way.

Yes! Correct. That is the moment of job offering. For me, that was a great moment in my life. So until now, I clearly remember it. And you? I really want to here your moment about it.

Like your guess, today we will talk about ‘offer’

It’s meaning is as below.

Offer[ɔ:fər] : If you offer something to someone, you ask them if they would like to have it or use it

Then, here is some confuse things. When we use ‘you’ for object with ‘offer’, we need ‘to’ or not? Here is quiz.

Which one is correct?
1. I would like to offer you a journey.
2. I would like to offer to you a journey.
3. I would like to offer a journey to you.

What is your answer? Is it too easy? Little confuse? If you want me to answer you then call me.

Additionally, I want to give more expression about it.

I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

In below movie(God father), you can listen this sentence (But in very short time, focus on it) Enjoy it and practice it 100 times!!

That’s all my offer for today~ Enjoy your weekends and if you want practice with me, don’t hesitate just call me know. ; )