Enforced Transparency 2 — When Hacking Becomes Imperative

The Cryptosphere just published one of our articles on Jerermy Hammond and Edward Snowden — the enforcers of transparency || hacktivist culture ||

The Cryptosphere

JEREMY HAMMOND — the original enforcer

Before Snowden, before the mainstreaming of Hacktivism, and before most of us even knew what private intelligence contractors where up to, one brave activist stepped up and blew the lid off a story so big it actually rivals the tale of the former NSA contractor.

Hammond executed Enforced Transparency by hacking Stratfor and releasing millions of emails.

“A lot of people don’t even know who Jeremy Hammond is. He’s the original Snowden. #TrapWire #Stratfor #Anonymous”
 — Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) April 20, 2015

Yesterday journalist Kit O’Connell wrote a great piece about Hammond’s case:
Kit O’Connell from MintPress News interviewed freelance writer and journalist Douglas Lucas and activist Azzurra Crispino — both fervent supporters of Jeremy Hammond. The article compared and contrasted Jeremy Hammond, the Stratfor hacktivist and Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower. The article also touched upon the question as to why mainstream media covers their very similar actions in very different manners. You…

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Originally published at hacktivistculture.com on May 13, 2015.