LEAK: Russia this, Russia that. How about looking in the mirror!

From 1946 up until the year 2000 the U.S meddled covertly or overtly in ~80 elections. Russia/USSR did the same in aprox. half that. Why would anyone make such a fuzz about their opponent doing exactly the same as what they have been doing with great success for decades?

Are you trying to say that other nations cannot or should not do exactly what you are doing because you have some kind of moral superiority?. Hogwash! You are actually the best/worst in class. Youre dropping thousands of kilos of bombs every single day, killing tens of thousands of people every year in more than a hundred countries. You are just as bad as the worst, if not the very worst there is.

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I have been trying to explain this to my friends for a couple of years but nobody seems to listen. Therefore I decided to find the actual data. The U.S. professor that finally decided to share the facts with me wanted to make sure that I would only use it for private purposes. Im sorry, doc! My middle name is Transparency.

Proudly I present the facts, full well knowing that all you have to do is claim it is “Fake news!” Anyone wanting to validate this list can do so by contacting me or paying PEIG a few dollars.

Argentina U.S. 1946 Jose P. Tamborini Overt
Hungary USSR 1947 MKP Overt
Italya U.S. 1948 DC Overtc
Italya USSR 1948 PCI Covert
U.S. USSR 1948 Henry A. Wallace Overt
Israel U.S. 1949 Mapai Overt
Finland USSR 1950 * Overt
Japan U.S. 1952 Liberal Party Overt
West Germany U.S. 1953 CDU Overt
Italya U.S. 1953 DC Overtc
Italya USSR 1953 PCI Covert
Japan U.S. 1953 Liberal Party Overtc
Philippines U.S. 1953 Ramon Magsaysay Covert
Brazil U.S. 1955 Juarez Tavora Covert
Indonesia U.S. 1955 Masjumi Covert
Laos U.S. 1955 NPP Covert
Finland USSR 1956 Urho Kaleva Kekkonen Overt
Iceland U.S. 1956 Independence Party Overt
Sri Lanka U.S. 1956 UNP Overt
West Germany USSR 1957 SPD Overt
Lebanon U.S. 1957 Supporters of Camille Chamoun Covert
Philippines U.S. 1957 Jose Yulo Covert
Greecea U.S. 1958 ERE Covert
Greecea USSR 1958 EDA Overt
Guatemala U.S. 1958 Jose Luis Cruz Salazar Covert
Italy U.S. 1958 DC Covert
Japan U.S 1958 LDP Overtc
Laos U.S. 1958 NPP Overt
Venezuela USSR 1958 Wolfgang Larazabal Covert
Malaysia U.S. 1959 UNMO Covert
Nepal U.S. 1959 Nepali Congress Party Covert
San Marino U.S. 1959 PDCS Covert Democratic Republic of the Congo
USSR 1960 MNC Covert
Japan U.S 1960 LDP Covert
Laos U.S. 1960 CDNI Covert
Sri Lanka U.S 1960 (March) UNP Covert
Sri Lanka U.S 1960 (July) UNP Covert
Greece U.S. 1961 ERE Covert
Philippines U.S. 1961 Diosdado Pangan Macapagal Covert
South Vietnam† U.S. 1961 Ngo Dinh Diem Covert
Brazil U.S. 1962 ** Covert
Canada USSR 1962 Liberal Party Overt
Finland USSR 1962 Urho Kaleva Kekkonen Overt
Peru U.S 1962 Victor Raul Haya De La Torre Covert
Italy U.S 1963 DC Covert
Japan U.S 1963 LDP Covert
Bolivia† U.S. 1964 Victor Paz Estenssoro Covert
Chilea U.S 1964 Eduardo Frei Montalva Covert
Chilea USSR 1964 Salvador Allende Gossens Covert
Somalia U.S. 1964 *** Covert
Sri Lanka U.S. 1965 UNP Covert
Bolivia U.S. 1966 Rene Barrientos Covert Ortuno
Costa Rica U.S. 1966 Daniel Oduber Quiros Covert Dominican Republic
U.S. 1966 Joaquin Beleaguer Covert
India USSR 1967 CPI Covert
Laos U.S 1967 **** Covert
Finland USSR 1968 Urho Kaleva Kekkonen Overt
Guyana U.S. 1968 PNC Covert
Italy U.S. 1968 DC Covert
West Germany USSR 1969 SPD Overt
Thailand U.S. 1969 UTPT Covert
Chilea U.S. 1970 Radomiro Tomic & Jorge Allesanderi Covert
Chilea USSR 1970 Salvador Allende Gossens Covert
Costa Rica USSR 1970 Jose Figueres Ferrer Covert
Pakistan USSR 1970 Awami League Covert
Malta U.S. 1971 PN Covert
Uruguay U.S. 1971 Colorados/Juan Maria Bordaberry Covert
South Vietnam † U.S. 1971 Nguyen Van Thieu Covert
West Germany USSR 1972 SPD Covert
Italya U.S. 1972 DC Covert
Italya USSR 1972 PCI Covert
Japan USSR 1972 JCP Covert
Bangladesh USSR 1973 Awami League Covert
Denmark USSR 1973 DKP Covert
France USSR 1974 Francois Mitterrand Covert
Greece USSR 1974 United Left Covert
Denmark USSR 1975 DKP Covert
Italya U.S. 1976 DC Overt
Italya USSR 1976 PCI Covert
India USSR 1977 Congress party (I) Covert
West Germany USSR 1980 SPD Covert
Iran U.S. 1980 (Jan.) Ahmad Madani Covert
Jamaica U.S. 1980 Jamaican Labor Party Covert
El Salvador U.S. 1982 Christian Democratic Party/Duarte Overtc
Mauritius U.S. 1982 Labor Party Covert
West Germany USSR 1983 SPD Overt
Italy U.S 1983 DC Covert
El Salvador U.S 1984 Jose Napoleon Duarte Covert
Grenada U.S. 1984 New National Party Overtc
Panama U.S. 1984 Nicolas Ardito Barletta Covert
U.S. USSR 1984 Walter F. Mondale Covert
Costa Rica U.S. 1986 Rafael Angel Calderon Fournier Covert
U.K U.S. 1987 Conservatives Overt
Chile† U.S. 1988 ‘No’ Campaign Overt
France USSR 1988 Andre Lajoinie Covert
Panama U.S. 1989 Guillermo Endara Covert
Bulgaria U.S. 1990 UDF Overt
Czechoslovakia U.S 1990 OF-VPN Overt
Haiti U.S. 1990 Marc Louis Bazin Covert
Nicaragua U.S. 1990 Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Overtc
Romania U.S. 1990 PNL Overt
Albania U.S. 1991 PDSH Overt
Bulgaria U.S 1991 UDF Covert
Albania U.S. 1992 PDSH Covert
Israel U.S. 1992 Labor Overt
Lithuania Russia 1992 LDDP Overt
Romania U.S. 1992 CDR Covert
Yugoslavia/Serbia U.S. 1992 Milan Panic Overt
Cambodia U.S. 1993 FUNCINPEC Covert
Belarus Russia 1994 Vyacheslav F. Kebich Overt
Ukraine U.S. 1994 Leonid Kravchuk Overt
Israel U.S. 1996 Shimon Peres/Labor Overt
Russia U.S. 1996 Boris N. Yeltsin Overtc
Latvia Russia 1998 TSP Overt
Slovakia U.S. 1998 SDK Covert
Israel U.S. 1999 Ehud Barak/One Israel Covert
Yugoslavia/Serbia U.S 2000 Vojislav Kostunica Overt
a Double interventions (the U.S. backing one side while the USSR/Russia backing another side
during the same election).
b Name of candidate in presidential elections, name of party in parliamentary elections. Main
candidate/ party only.
c An overt intervention that also included a significant covert component.
†Cases of partisan electoral interventions in elections which weren’t competitive following my
criteria, usually due to last moment boycotts of the elections by one of the major sides which
were widely expected to contest them or (in the 1988 Chilean case) a rare example of a relatively
competitive plebiscite.
* Identity of aided candidate in this election not fully certain, besides being a competitor to Pres.
Paasikivi, given available data (although probably Urho Kekkonen).
** Identity of aided candidate/party in this election, besides being part of the opposition to Pres.
Goulart, unknown given available data.
*** Identity of aided candidate/party, besides being among the losers of this election, unknown
given available data.
**** Identity of aided candidate/party unknown given available data.

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