Loyalty — its Beauty and Simplicity

Being loyal is not complex or a question of definition. It means standing by your people in thick and thin. Standing by someone also means telling them when they are wrong or violate important principles under your common banner.

Loyalty is not fluctuating or fickle. It does not come and go. It is richly doused and shown in public. It does not change when you feel being loyal will hurt you. Loyalty is not something you give as a favor, and something you forget if it suits your own needs. Loyalty must be unwavering.

If your people stray from or violates the truth, or attack someone for no just cause. you tell your people to stop. That is loyalty too. This does not however happen in public. That is actual disloyalty.

If you cannot treat loyalty with respect, nobody will see you as a loyal person. Misuse it, and it will taint you forever if you just to turn around and stab people in the back time and time again it makes you a fucknut, even when you don’t see it yourself.

Blind loyalty makes you a fucknut too, by the way. Being loyal is not about agreeing, it is about protecting each other and the team’s goals and aspirations. The best way to do that is to help each other when, (not if), you or your people fuck up.

(Overriding principles — like truth and decency)
Being loyal to your team or people at all times is actually quite easy if you have the balls to be unwavering. Some times, however, higher principles will get in the way.

A principled man will walk away from a team, explaining his reasoning, when that happens. If your team attacks others using lies and innuendo and does not stop - it is time to move on. But the loyalty does not go away at that point. You will explain why you pulled back but the lingering loyalty should keep you from stabbing them in the back in the future. When someone does this time and time again — people will recognize a truly loyal man.

Such a man will have a great many friends. Oddly enough he is also rich with enemies. The latter consists mainly of the disloyal people he chose to leave behind. The ever present butthurt, the asshats, the fame fags and those trying to game the world only for themselves. The Pretenders.

If I stand by you and you do the same for me, we are loyal men. We do that until we die, or until we are otherwise incapable of doing so. If you are loyal, you do not forget the strength my loyalty gave you and I will return the favor. The mistakes we made are forever forgotten, and never used to hurt each other again.

“I for one, will still be there for you even when you have done an unspeakable act. Especially if you are only accused of a misdeed. My loyalty may only be used to help you admit your mistakes and face the music, but I am not going anywhere. Am I a loyal man?”