PRESS RELEASE: Launch of ‘Beyond the Little Blue Box’


The biographical adventure of Internet pioneer, “Phone Phreak” and ardent privacy advocate John T. Draper aka “Captain Crunch”

Las Vegas, NV — John T. Draper and Craig Wilson Fraser are excited to announce the launch of the long awaited and eagerly anticipated narrative biography: Beyond the Little Blue Box on October 28 2017. This book represents a labor of love for both Draper and Fraser.

John T. Draper (aka Captain Crunch) was an early pioneering developer at Apple Computer, in the mid to late 1970s. Among other things he developed the Charlie Board, an early version of a PC modem predating the DC Hayes modem. He also wrote the first word processing program, EasyWriter, for the Apple II and beat Bill Gates to the punch when it was bundled with the first IBM PC.

Touted as “On The Road sprinkled with a bit of Fear and Loathing”, Beyond the Little Blue Box recounts stories from Craig Wilson Fraser’s years of knowing John T. Draper personally, interspersed with collected memories from Draper’s friends and relatives, and John’s personal history in his own words. It spans Draper’s 74 years on the planet, and Fraser’s 22 years of knowing him.

The book includes a forward written by renowned inventor, electronics engineer, programmer and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

I heartily endorse this book… I love stories of interesting people. Like Steve Jobs said: “Without those Blue Box experiences, there never would have been an Apple Computer.”
Steve Wozniak

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